What has made me successful?

Learn more about Mohammad Parhamfar

He has a  doctorate degree in business management Administration (DBA), as well as a master’s degree in renewable energy and a bachelor’s degree in power engineering.
He has been active in various fields, including renewable energy, electrical power, electrical installations in high-rise buildings, the development of specialized software in power and energy, and business consultant.
There are also 22 articles along with 4 books written by him regarding renewable energy and electrical systems. he has worked with 15 companies as a business consultant. He has also designed about 40 megawatts of solar power plants not only in Iran, but also in foreign countries.
His CV include further achievements, Installation, and maintenance of more than 1 megawatt solar rooftop projects.
He has participated in some committees for providing national standards of Iran and has also been selected as the selected innovative engineer of Isfahan province in 1992. His research fields are renewable energy, Energy management, AI, Software development, lightning, and Grounding.

innovative Engineer of the Year award