Electrical engineering and intelligent systems conference

one of the members of the scientific committee of the International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Intelligent Systems

Reviewer of International journal of energy security ad sustainable energy


Risk assessment based on IEC62305 standard in high voltage substation in Georgia.

In this project, which was carried out with the participation of a Turkish company, lightning risk assessment calculation was done at two high-voltage substations in two cities, Lajanuri and Ozurgeti, and its studies were examined.

The invitation to participate in the update of Iran’s renewable energy statistics from Mr. Mohammad Parhamfar by the Mesia Solar Association located in the UAE.

Structural calculations and providing the necessary permits for the 1 MW Nain power plant.

Project engineer of the 10 MW Jarqouye solar power plant located in Isfahan – cooperation with METKA EGN company

The largest solar power plant in Isfahan

Designing a 30 kilowatt hybrid solar power plant in Iraq and preparing tender documents – cooperation with the  Applebone  company located in germany as a CTO

Electrical installation design  in highrise building with 90-unit for Jahadekhanesazi company, designing and testing reinforced concrete foundation electrode, as one of the first projects implemented in this methode in Iran.

collaborating in Isfahan summit project as an electrical manager for one of the contractor companies.

Preparation of the Business plan of the 5.4 MW solar project in Armenia – with Ratscreen software – Coordination with German banks for the project financing with the applebone company – coordination with representatives of the Armenian Ministry of Energy – Due to the war in Armenia, the financing of the project failed.

Representative of Germany’s Enertek company in Iran and Oman for financial negotiations and carrying out large-scale solar projects

Designer of the electrical installations of the 8000-meter building of Isfahan University – the first government building designed in Isfahan based on topic 19 of the national building regulations(low energy)

Mobarakeh Steel Complex Consultant in getting permits and preparing tender documents for artificial lake- floating solar power plant – cooperation with Saman Energy Company

creating Iran’s electricity and energy specialists channel in telegram which is ranked 444th among the world’s telegram channels and supports many national events.

Attending the Isfahan International Exhibition project as the manager of the electrical department of one of the contractor companies

The consultant of the 10 megawatt solar power plant of Baft Kabirjazeh and providing permits, preparing a Business plan, Grid connection studies and trying to  find foreign investors, the photo is related to the meeting with the managers of the Melli Bank to finance the project.

Consultant for Soria Pars Electric Manufacturers to find investors for two 10 megawatt solar projects in Kerman and Fars provinces and coordination of Sun.nrg company registered in Hong Kong.

Due to the sanctions, the financing of the project was stopped

reviewer of the Academia group

The representative of Saman Energy Isfahan Company in signing the memorandum of understanding for the implementation of large-scale solar EPC projects with CDS-Solar Company.